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  • Dec 5
    Reading Festival of Trees,  Reading
  • Dec 12
    Coolidge Corner Theatre,  Brookline
  • Dec 12
    West Hartford Library,  West Hartford
  • Dec 19
    Natick Center for the Arts,  Natick

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Winter registration opening this week. Stay tuned for details.


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The Blue Bike Chronicles Have Arrived!

“A pop masterpiece”… “Music quality rivals the Top of the Pops”… “Easily rivals the best of any Disney theme music”…

- Rebecca Yorn Alison, Kids Can Groove

The Blue Bike Chronicles is new solo project from Karen K. It's a heartwarming collection of original and cover songs that blend the experiences of her 8-year-old daughter with her own experiences as an 8-year-old and a mom, complete with the catchy pop sounds that kids love.

As with all of Karen K’s music, there’s something here for everyone, but these songs will make a special connection with the pre-tween set, those of her daughter’s age. The series kicks off with the single “Without You” - called “a pop masterpiece” by Kids Can Groove – and features a new release (8 in total) each month through June. 

blue bike chronicles

Listen to "Without You," the First Blue Bike Chronicles Song Here:



Don't Miss a Single Blue Bike Chronicles Release!

Join the Blue Bike Chronicles Song of the Month Club and receive one new download a month through June (8 in total) plus a CD of all the songs in Summer 2016. Just $20!


Your payment will be processed via our secure PayPal account. Individual songs will be delivered via email, and the CD will be mailed to the address you provide.



"The air-tight first single 'Without You' is what Taylor Swift would sound like if she had a 2nd grader who wanted to break free from school to to hang with mom."

- Jeff Bogle, Red Tricycle